Derby adds to a pressure packed start to the season

Is it possible to be in a must-win game going into only the second game of the new season. In reality ofcourse not, but the feeling around the Blues training grounds is giving that vibe. It's hard enough to put aside a disappointing loss, but when that loss is followed by a game verses Gold Coast F.C., well you can understand why the stakes are pretty high.

Its all about respect and Union S.C. is determined to squeeze that respect right out its California Cup opponent. The Blues are eager and confident that they will win. Big game players like Conor Casey and Sasha Kljestan are bound to have improved performances and get some shots on goal. However, the fact remains that a defeat would put the Blues at the bottom of the table and in the position of having to play catch-up very early in the season.

April 10th is going to be a huge game by all accounts.

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