PreGame RoundUp #1

Are you ready? A new season is about to begin and Union S.C. has been waiting. The last game the team played was on August 16th 2009. That's because Blues ownership had to watch the BSL playoffs. Then Blues ownership had to watch the entire Majors Cup. 7 more weeks of watching before the offseason even began.
Now the waiting is almost over. The first opponent in the way is just what the doctor ordered. Union S.C. will set its new and hopefully improved offense on the defending league champions.
Union S.C. RoundUp
The team will look to score early and figures it will need atleast 3 scores to have a shot. Hopefully getting 4 or more on a consistent basis will be the theme of 2010, but after a meager 2.02, the team ownership is setting the bar conservative.
Montgomery County RoundUp
The team owner put together a solid roster with some returns players and some great new additions. Expectations are that they will score against the Blues, but how much. The hope is they start slow and fail to hit their stride until perhaps games 2 or 3 of the season.

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