PreGame RoundUp #3

Now is the perfect time for Union S.C. to meet up against Gateway United. The Blues have a swagger and feel pretty confident going into action. Meanwhile it appears as if the Saints have yet to find themselves. So now looks to be as good a time as any to finally take down the beast. Union S.C. have never won against the Saints. These clubs tied each other 2-2, before Gateway United won 2-1 and 5-1 in the other match-up's. But, that was then and this is now. The players are ready to send all enemies a message. The action starts Thursday!

Union S.C. RoundUp
Another 4 points would be nice and may be enough while Gateway is in hibernation. The Sounders are playing at Quest this week so that may actually not be a good thing. They seem to score more on the road. So Zakuani and Evans might not be so dependable. DeRosario plays twice so the hope is he should get atleast 1 score in those games, and an average of 2 would be grrrrrrrrrrrrreat! Next Joseph is playing against a soft San Jose defense, so hopefully he can grab a few goals and maybe an assist.
Gateway United RoundUp
You always have to fear this team. The owner wants to win more than anyone I've ever conversed with. The Saints probalby won't get another assist from Coundoul this time but he is a threat for a clean sheet playing in RedBull Arena this week. In that same match Cunningham will be his opposition. If one get's a score the other one doesn't. Donovan is due and is at the HDC against RSL. This could pose a serious problem for Union S.C.

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