PreGame RoundUp #4

Ready for an encore? Union S.C. will look to get out to an early lead again on Thursday when they go up against New York. The club plans on making very few changes coming off a beautiful performance. This is the first ever meeting between these two clubs.

Union S.C. RoundUp
The team does not want to be over-confident but it appears as if another 6 points will not be needed to win this game. While Edson Buddle has gotten a lot of attention for St. Louis, The Blues own Dwayne DeRosario had 3 combined goals last week in his 2 MLS games.
N.Y. Greeks RoundUp
The Greeks roster has seen several changes in the last 2 weeks and is currently ranked last in offense. The team has 3 D.C. players and 3 Colorado players so the wealth of their attack will come in bunches. However, the most pressing obstacle could be in their RedBull combo.


BT said...

Peter Lowry or O'Brian White for either of your trade block guys?

Union S.C. said...

okay then I'll give your Cameron for White.

BT said...

Thatd be awesome! If u couldnt tell by my amount of Revs players, I'm from Mass. and so is Geoff Cameron.

White for Cameron has my approval