PreGame RoundUp #7:

There will be no chance to dwell on last week as Union S.C. will now have to focus its attention on Game 7. The next opponent on the schedule is the St. Louis Cure. So far the Cure has taken almost maximum points in the standings and is averaging an awesome 5.50 points per game. Union S.C. is currently in 2nd place, 4 points behind the Cure for first place. A win would change the outlook of the entire league, but a loss to the Cure would make them serious contenders for the Honors Trophy.

Union S.C. RoundUp
The Blues #2 offense will try to keep up this week. DeRosario is on the road in L.A. going up against his own Goal Keeper Donovan Ricketts. Not good! O'Brien White might get the start so he could also be battling against Ricketts. Conor Casey is in D.C. so he could really be a benefit. Arnaud will be back on the field playing at home against Chicago. LeToux will probably get the start since the last time he had a home game he scored a hat trick. Wondolowski will try and get another goal as he plays in New England.
St. Louis RoundUp
The Cure has several players present in the RSL/HOU game that will get an early start on Thursday. So its quite possible that St. Louis could take an early lead in this one. They key will be how much of a lead. A close score leading into Saturday's action will benefit Union S.C.

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