PreGame RoundUp #9

What's the best way to end a losing streak? Well, playing the leagues last place team helps. The New York Greeks got off to a slow start to the season and is currently averaging a dismal APG. From the looks of it the club ownership is in disarray making matters only more sad. The folding this club in 2011 seems like a real possibilty. Still, the match goes on and no result is a guarantee. Last week New York even earned a point in the standings.

Union S.C. RoundUp
The offense needs to wake up. This club has already shown it can score, it just needs to break out of its funk and do it.
N.Y. Greeks RoundUp
The line-up will probably be the same as it was the last few weeks. Atiba Harris has been the clubs most potent player so far, but this roster does have a few weapons that on any given week could ruin someones week. Hopefully, it will not be against the Blues.

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