Manchester United to Challenge Union SC in Friendly

Blues Extra
Several Friendlies have been made by BSL teams for next week (July 22-25) featuring Mexican club opponents. Union S.C. has also scheduled the club's first ever friendly match for next week. Only this opponent is bound to give the Blues a worthy challenge. The EPL Superclub, Manchester United will play Union Southern California. The Red Devils squad on the field in Kansas City on July 25th will be the players present for the game. Since this is a friendly, the Blues will counter with all available position players. All Subs and Reserves will be allowed to count but it is doubtful the full roster will be available anyway since only 10 MLS teams will be playing that weekend (hence the reason there is no BSL game on tap)


CDG said...

Count the Superliga games too, I am. I know we only count MLS games during the season, but since this is a friendly, I don't see why not.

Union S.C. said...

Very true.