Blues Pursuing a 3rd Designated Player

Offseason News
The BSL Cup Champions have extended an offer to its California Cup rivals (Gold Coast F.C.) in pursuit of a third Designated Player. Earlier in the week, the Suns owner revealed that the clubs "DP" slots were available for trade. With this information Union S.C. has made a request in the hopes of keeping yet another player from its championship roster. "There are 4 players on the 2010 roster that I would love to keep. Right now I can only protect 2. So, with a trade at least I have the opportunity to protect 3 out of 4" said Frederick, the Blues owner. Currently a deal has not been made. Since Union S.C. is slated to pick behind all other returning BSL clubs in the first round of the draft, the Sun's owner wants to wait and see if two other BSL clubs are willing to make a deal. "The offer has been made to Gold Coast. There is not much more that can been done except let time pass. When you win the BSL Cup you have to deal with your place in the draft."

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