After Tense Moments, DeRo is Staying

It was tense for a few weeks to find one of the players that Union SC went through all the trouble to try and protect trialing overseas with Celtic. "It was a major concern. Without DeRo the 3rd slot would have been frutile. The whole reason for the initial trade was with DeRo in the picture. It's nice that it all worked out." said the Blues owner. Now the club can focus on the upcoming draft and put the drama to bed.
An Early Saints Showdown!
The season opener for the Blues will be against Gateway United. Even though the Saints roster is not yet filled for 2011, the odds of the club boasting a strong opposing lineup are very strong. "The owner over there has earned a lot of respect over here. No doubt its going to be a tough opener." This will be the 7th meeting against Gateway United and Union SC has only managed to grab 3 points once.

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