Solid Selections is Always the Approach

Admittingly he was not the first choice to draft in the first round, but when the opportunity presented itself, Brek Shea was on top of the list. "So many times big names are taken early and the young guns are the true gems." said the Blues owner. This is the sentiment on how the club feels about the addition of Shea. He already has some recognition from last season, but he should be even better with the added maturity. By no means a sure thing, the concensus is Shea should be no worse than a decent contributor to the line-up.

This also holds true for Davey Arnaud. He returns to the club after helping bring in a championship. "Arnaud comes through in bits and peices and that is why Union SC likes to keep him on the roster" said the owner. While some might consider the organization to be playing it conservative so far in the draft process, the truth is the orgainzation has always evaluated talent this way. The only difference is now the club has to try and defend the BSL Cup. "I am not immune to the fact that my biggest rival is gearing up with star power players like Beckham and Cooper and that other rivals have made big selections. But this is the strategy that works. I got a star above the crest to prove it" smiled the Blues owner.

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