Another Loss and Casey Injured

Burud Town 2 Union SC 1 -- The news seems to be all bad for the defending BSL champs as of late. Hours before kick off, was a press release on Conor Casey. He will be sidelined for 2-4 weeks. Meanwhile, as expected DeRosario looked horrible in the Redbull system. On the score sheet, the Blues lost for the first time to Burud Town, and have now fallen to 1-3-0 on the season. "Some changes have to be done soon to turn the momentum around. This club will start to seek out trades and seek out free agents. The season is not lost by a long shot. 16 games is plenty and Majors Cup qualifying begins in 6 weeks. But, changes have to be made." said the Blues owner.

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BT said...

DeRo and Casey for Mendoza and Rodriguez?
Sry, but I'm going through my weekly trade proposals to each team.