Union SC 4 - 6 Rose City

RECAP WEEK 4: It's the same story as last week and the week before that. Union SC is competitve, but just can't win. Against Rose City FC, the Blues fell behind quick and by a wide margin when Maicon Santos, who hadn't even scored a single point so far this season, decided to erupt for 3 points on Friday. "This guy probably won't score 3 more points all season if you ask me, but he took advantage of the squad this week. I guess everyone is going to pad their stats when they visit." said the Blues owner. Union SC did fight back like previous weeks and made a game of it. "Offense is not the problem. Its defense! Its karma! Its whatever you want to call it. Bottom line is this club needs wins!" SCORERS: Wondoloski(G), Buddle(A), Pickens(CS SP). CARDS: Alonso(Y).

Next match is against the Blues biggest rival. Gold Coast FC has also been struggling. So the first leg of the California Cup is not even the Game of the Week. Both clubs are sure to want 3 points next week and take the first leg. A speechless and frustrated Union SC representative was quoted in saying "A win is badly needed, but beating the Suns will be the best medicine of all. It will satisfy real nice indeed. The California Cup is extremely important."

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Rose City said...

I'm glad at least one other person doesn't think my decision to drop Santos looked bad given the info I had before Saturday afternoon. Crossing my fingers you're right.