A Jinx Versus Certain Clubs?

Buddle scored first goal since Week 1
Gateway United 4 Union SC 2

Week 12:  For some reason, Union SC has a hard time against certain BSL clubs. Is there any logic behind it? A jinx perhaps? One of the clubs the Blues just can't catch a break versus is Gateway United. This week, the Saints came out of their funk (what timing) to play their best game in weeks. "Its a head scratcher. Different players have come and gone and its always hard to get three points" said the Blues owner. The loss pretty much ends any chance for Union SC to win the Founders Cup in 2012. The focus has to move forward to securing a playoff, or Majors Cup position. Losing to Gateway United was costly as now the Blues are 5 points behind the Saints for the final playoff spot. "There is still a lot of football to be played. The season is just getting interesting but its going to take a better effort the final 10 games of the season."

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