Valliant Comeback But Still Not Enough

Wondolowski scored the equalizer late.
Week 15 - The Blues played another good game and once again for the second week in a row only came away with a point. "It's was a tough result because at this point in the season, the club really needs to get maximum points." said the Blues Owner. Now Union SChas to gear up for a Foundes Cup match against the first place Alamo City. In 10 meetings, the Blues have only been able to get 3 points once.

Game LineUp for Week 16 versus Alamo City.
Starters: Wondolowski, Pappa, Fernandez, Caskey, R.Johnson, Alonso, Arnaud, Chara, Pickens(GK). Subs: Edu(1) Evans(2), Buddle(3)

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