Offense Looks Strong

BSL Week 2
Union SoCal 7 Second City 4

Union SoCal improved to 1-0-1 on the season with an impressive victory over Second City. The club got production from 5 starters including 2 goals from Aristeguieta, and the match captain Wondolowski. Once against Jaime Penedo did not play because of a migraine and points were left on the bench with Josh Saunders. "Until its for sure he will be ready, Josh is going to be starting as keeper" said the Union manager. Once again there were plenty of cards handed out to the Southlanders in this match and continues to be a problem that has carried over from last season. Thankfully, it has not cost the club any damage. Next up is Rose City. A definite thorn in the side of the Union. In preparation for this match the Southlanders have made a transaction by signing Sanna Nyassi(SJE) and released Andres Romero(MON). Hopefully the offense remains hot and can grab a victory over the Flyers.

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