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Union Challenge Saints Next

The Union return with a big match against BSL Champion Gateway United. Starters: Zardes(C) * Mancosu * Hyka * Coleman * Rivas * Gressell * Schweinsteiger * Zusi  * Urutti * Godoy * Bendik(G) Subs: LeToux * Doyle * Gil *  Reserves: Ousted * Roldan


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Week 21

The local press was abuzz over the prospect of Union S.C. making a return to the Majors Cup in back to back seasons. The club was quick to point out that a lot can change in the MCQ standings and the focus is on Capital District. "The Gunners are playing well and are also fighting for the Majors Cup so this is a big test and a big result is needed." Lineup: Mattocks, Casey(C), Powers, Wondolowski, Rolfe, Romero, Moore, Mulholland, O.Garcia, Pappa, Kennedy(GK), Subs: Garrido, Edu, Watson. Reserve: Kaka.

Wildcard Round

STARTERS  Kaka * Chris Wondolowski(C) * Christian Bolanos * Tosaint Ricketts * Henok Goitom * Lucas Melano * Nicolas Mequida * Sean Davis * Kellyn Acosta * Alejandro Bedoya * Jake Gleeson(GK)
SUBSTITUTES Roger Espinoza(1) * Luke Mulholland(2) * Lamar Neagle(3) * Will Bruin(RS) * Jonathan Osorio

Beating Alamo Hopefully Just the Start

Union SC fans had something to celebrate finally, as the club got a huge win over rival Alamo City in week 8. The win gives the Union some hope in what has been a tough stretch. Next the Union need points against the Spartans in week 2 of the MCQ. Starters: Zardes * Mancosu(C) * Hyka * Coleman * Rivas * LeToux * Schweinsteiger * Zusi  * Urutti * Godoy * Bendik(G) Subs: Doyle * Gil * Gressel  Reserves: Ousted * Roldan